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Leanne Piccin 
Girls SAP, FNSW Youth Girls/Women League 
(M) 0414 454 636 


Vesna Drazenovic
CDSFA SAP, FNSW Youth Boys and Mens League
(M) 0406235733

The MPIO is the first point of contact for individuals with a concern, query or complaint in regards to discrimination, harassment and child protection issues. They provide them with information and options so they are informed and can decide how they would like to deal with their matter.


The Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is responsible for the welfare of all people belonging to our club, especially children. MPIOs were previously known as Child Protection Officers.  The MPIO role is to help protect members from physical, sexual or emotional abuse while playing for this club.  Inter Lions Football Club is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for members to play football.




  1. Inter Lions FC  has a code of conduct for players, officials and spectators.  The code outlines appropriate behaviour for those involved with the club and can be found on this website under Policy & References Section

  2. All officials (including coaches and managers) at the club who have direct involvement with children have supplied a Working With Children No , which the officials / coaches / Managers undergoes a background check with Kids Guardian / WWC check

  3. Every year all club officials are educated about child protection and encouraged to complete “Play by the Rules” online training, a government program to help prevent child abuse.  

  4. The club also organises ground officials to supervise games at Ron Routley Ovals 1 & 2 and deal with any abusive incidents.  

  5. Inter Lions  has a protocol to deal fairly with any allegations of abuse. If you have an issue please contact the MPIO. My details are under "about " under Member Protection Officer tab on the club website.  MPIO Officer will listen to your concerns and suggest what further action you may wish to take.  This may include  

    1. Discussing ways of managing the issue yourself  

    2. Referring the matter to the club executive. This would involve gathering information about any incidents or concerns so that the executive can decide further action. In order to be fair, anyone who has allegations made against them will usually be approached by the executive for their version of events. However, the club will seek to maintain the confidentiality of all parties involved. The club may also seek advice from Canterbury District Soccer Football Association or Football NSW.  

    3. In serious cases it may be more appropriate to involve agencies such as DoCS or the police.  



Further information about child protection in sport can be found at the following links;   

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